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Get Ready for Step-by-Step Guidance to Help You Dust off & Shine the Gems That You Already Have in Your Online Business, Get Rid of Those Nasty Cobwebs Holding You Back and Plan for an Increasingly Profitable Future!

Dear Divine Women Entrepreneur:

Week-One-Lesson-CoversIf you’ve been working too hard for too long and want more out of your online business, please take a few minutes to read this letter. It might just be the change you’ve been waiting for.

With plenty of hard work, earning some money on the Internet isn’t too tough. You can build a website, start a mailing list or create a blog and see some money start trickling in. Perhaps this is the situation you’re in right now.

You can even go further and start earning a really decent income, but sometimes it feels like it could disappear at any moment or like you’re flying by the seat of your pants. Maybe this is the point you are at with your own online business.

Wherever you are in your online business, if you’re in danger of these things, you might be in serious trouble:

  • Google decides to update its algorithm and obliterates most of your website traffic.
  • You have a family emergency, can’t work on your business for a while and when you get back to ti, things have fallen apart.
  • Your pay-per-click ad costs shoot through the roof so it’s no longer profitable to run your campaigns and your traffic becomes a barely noticeable trickle.

It’s tough to sustain your business when you have so many curve balls thrown at you all the time. We’ve ALL been there!

But what can you do about it? How can these things be avoided? How do you avoid having these disruptions devastate your business?

The simple answer is: Take back control of your business. Of course, the might be easier said than done. You’re probably so busy and constantly working on a zillion projects that it seems impossible to slow down and figure out how to do that.

Well, it’s become situation critical. If you keep following the course you’re on now, where a single problem could seriously disrupt your business, you’re headed for disastrous Internet business burnout.

Instead, during this week, I’d like to show you that taking just a couple of hours each week will help you take back control of your business and set you up for long-term profits in your more stable business.

Over the past few years, I’ve been taking my Internet marketing experience and sharing it with others, so that they can also turn their online businesses around.

Le me help you turn things around too and clean up that business of yours.

Join me as I show you how to find out what’s really working in your business, clear out the things that are keeping you from greater success and remodel your business for long-term success.

Let me tell you a bit more…

Here’s What’s Included as We Uncover What You’ve Been
Sweeping under the Rug for Too Long!

This isn’t some boring-old ebook that you skim and forget about. You’re going to be rolling up your sleeves and making important changes to your very own business.

Each lesson includes:

  1. A Comprehensive Training Guide: Each easy-to-digest training guide will give you a new perspective on your business. These guides include practical solutions you can apply to your business right now. I’ll even give you a sneak peek into how I run my business and WHY.
  2. Practical Assignments to Transform Your Online Business: These assignments will help you practically apply what you learn in each lesson.  Each assignment must be completed before you proceed onto the next one. Without action, you won’t see results and these assignments will give you the push you need.

Here’s Exactly What Will Be Covered in Each Lesson

Each lesson will take you to a more organized, purposeful and profitable business. Here are the scheduled topics.


thinpaperback_795x1003It’s touch to know where you’re going when you don’t know where you’ve been or even where you are now.

The cool thing about an online business is that its’ easy and inexpensive to accumulate plenty of virtual real estate, but that often comes back and bites us in the rear when we have so much out there, we don’t even know which end is up.

This lesson is all about strategically taking on inventory of everything you have on your plate and figuring out what is working, what’s not and what needs attention. I’ll show you exactly how to do that over the next 5 lessons. It doesn’t matter if your a virtual assistant, if you sell physical products, are a coach/consultant or if are in the information marketing business, this is an important step for EVERY online business.

Once that is complete, you’re ready for…


thinpaperback_795x1003 (6)Now that you have a solid understanding of your business and where you are  it’s time for some tough, but much needed decisions. It’s time to stop doing the things that aren’t working and turn your online business into a well-oiled machine.

I’ll show you the criteria I use to determine what needs to be cleaned out and what can stick around.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll start to feel much more focused and ready to make drastic improvements to your online business.

Some of what you’ll discover in this lesson:

  • The 2 cardinal rules on deciding what is an asset to your business and what is liability.
  • How to refocus your business, so you can sell more products more often without huge amounts of extra effort.
  • Step-by-step help to decide how your fully organized and ready for more profits business should look like.
  • Breaking the vicious marketing product spending cycle and only purchasing what you need to run a successful online business.

Then we move onto…


thinpaperback_795x1003 (3)In lesson 2, we cleaned out of things that aren’t working, but sometimes it’s tough to know what’s working without further analysis. This week will be about setting up systems to ensure you know how each component of your business is performing as it should.

In addition, I’ll show you plenty of places in your current website where you are likely not maximizing what you’ve got and how you can fix that immediately. Most of us are leaving so much money on the table, but you’re going to start changing all that.

Just a few things in lesson 3:

  • 4 important rules about traffic to ensure you build multiple sources of reliable and highly-targeted (i.e. that buy your stuff) traffic.
  • One of the biggest mistakes people make with traffic and how you can avoid it.
  • Finding the hidden profit potential in the websites and mailing list you already own.
  • How to determine specifically what is working in your business and what isn’t – and put an end to guesswork once and for all.

Once you’ve maximized what you have, we will talk about…


thinpaperback_795x1003 (4)Is your current website and business set up as functional and profitable as it can be? Find out how you can reorganize to increase your opt-ins, sales and even charge more money for your products.

But don’t worry, this isn’t going to be as complicated as remodeling your kitchen or dining room. These are simple steps and strategies that can mean big changes for your business.

It’d be great to make more money without so much work, wouldn’t it?

A glimpse of what you’ll learn in lesson 4:

  • 5 simple changes you can make to your website for increased response.
  • Quick tips for changing your words to communicate directly to your target visitor and get them excited about buying your product.
  • Easily increasing the value of your current product offers, making it even easier to say yes to buy.

After all this, we can start looking at…


thinpaperback_795x1003 (1)No more building blindly in your business. Everything you construct should serve a purpose and add to your efficiency and profitability. Learn how to make these decisions for your business and make plans for wise additions to your online business.

Put on your hard hat and your thinking cap because we’re going to putting together some great business-building ideas for you.

By the end of lesson 5, you’ll be able to visualize and start working on your new and reconstructed business.

Lesson 5 includes things like:

  • Strategies for truly dominating your chosen target market.
  • 2 important rules about project management to ensure you’re making the most of what you’re working on.
  • Essential key pieces and types of websites you should have in your virtual toolbox.
  • Creating mutually beneficial partnerships to maximize your efforts and profits.

And then we finally get to…


thinpaperback_795x1003 (2)Your journey doesn’t end here. What you’ve learned during each lesson will help you start making long-term plans for your online business. Be equipped with the know-how to make the decisions on which projects are good for your business and which to pass on. You’ll also know how to maximize the projects you take on.

Learn how to avoid the pitfalls your found yourself in before and how to continually evaluate your business and easily conduct these same business reinventions year-round.

Make a Commitment to Change Your Way of Doing Business

I love seeing people succeed. And as much I love that, my heart breaks at seeing women run into the same problems over and over again. It is my goal to help change that.

Simply set aside an hour for each lesson, each day to start making big changes in your online business. A positive change in your business is worth it, isn’t it? The training guides are easy-to-follow and always succinct. You never have to worry about going through endless materials. This program is all about action and that’s what I want you to take…because action is what is going to help you change your business.

Don’t let another Google slap or any random unexpected occurrence shatter your online business. It’s time to take a good hard look at where your business is now, clean it up and remodel it for maximum efficiency.

Prior to joining, please make sure you add info@DivineWomenInstitute.com to your safe senders list. This is to ensure you don’t miss any information regarding the course. Otherwise, you may need to check your spam/junk folder for the material. We have noticed that with some email filtering systems our emails are appearing in spam/junk. If you find this material in your junk/spam folder, click “not spam” and it should be taken to your inbox. With all of our products you WILL receive an confirmation email, some have further instructions noted in the email to complete your purchase, therefore, it is important that you add take a few minutes and add us to your safe senders list.

If ALL of this is of interested to you and your current business needs, signing up is easy=peasy :-)

Just fill out this form and your course materials will be immediately delivered to you!


Summer School is closed for 2016.
It RE-OPENS Monday, June 19, 2017

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